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Shimano Zee Groupset - New for 2013
Shimano have been busy this year! Press releases have come thick and fast, with large changes across existing groupsets. If that's not kept them busy enough, they have a whole new one - the ZEE, also featuring the RD+ clutch mech technology.
Shimano Saint Groupset - 2013 Update
Pedals, RD+ clutch short cage mech and crazy ice tech rotors with a vented aluminium core. The eagle eyed out there will recongise some of these from the Gwin feature in Dirt #122. What you probably didn't know is that the Saint groupset had a massive overhaul for 2013 and you can get your hands on it soon!
Shimano 2013 SLX Groupset - RD+ Mech
Shimano held a recent press conference in Feb and sent out the subsequent press release early March. I couldn't make it to the event but having just put together a spec sheet for my new build, have had time to mull over the details rather than repost the information I'm sure you've seen already.
Greno Woods Dig Day
It's nearly Steel City Mini DH time in Greno Woods and while the lads from Biketrack.org have been busy with the machines already, it's time to lend a spade for some hand fettling at the weekend...
Steel City Mini DH - 21st April
2011's Steel City DH race took the local scene by storm. Backed by a World Champ, the entry list was as impressive as the racing. For 2012 the guys are back, putting the 'Series' in the Steel City, on an all new purpose built track. Entries open 13th March. 200 places only so get in soon for a chance to race!
BOS Void DH Air Shock
Bos is a name synonymous with suspension performance and associated with one of the most successful and fastest riders out there. Something that's not often synonymous is air and DH shocks. Read the Bos press release to find out if they have cracked it with the new Void shock.
FLi distribution to import KTM MTB into UK
KTM are well known for their engine powered bikes - Enduro, Motocross and Supermoto - but less well known for their pedal powered offering. FLi Distribution are set to put their mountain bike offer on the map by importing the full MTB range into the UK.
Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions
Concrete Circus aired on Channel 4 on the 15th August 2011 and featured the build up to the screening of 4 urban sports films - BMX, Skate, Parkour and MTB Trials. Athletes and film makers came together to meet tight deadlines to showcase their talents. Stu Thomson from MTBCut captured some jaw dropping moves from Danny...
Steel City DH this weekend!
The inagural round of the Steel City DH Series takes place this weekend. It sold out in hours so if you didn't get the jump on everyone else and make the start list, why not head up to Greno to watch the action and see everyone from World Class racers and the next big thing to the just-having-a-laugh continguent tearing up a local track. If you can't make it up, log on to Freecaster to watch the action with commentary from Rob Warner!

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