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Parkwood Springs developments needs your support!

Parkwood Springs developments needs your support!

Planned developments for a 2km long all weather skills loop at Parkwood Springs, Sheffield, are coming along well. However, your help is needed for the final funding application. Read this article and get your letters of support sent off to the Parks and Woodlands officer by 11th Jan.
Full details are below but as a quick summary, Sheffield council have been working with DH World Champ Steve Peat and 4X rider Steve Taylor (www.biketrack.org) to design an all weather armoured skills loop on the land next to Sheffield Ski Village.

This is designed to develop riding in the area with organised training days and school events. However, with Peaty and Steve Taylor involved you can rest assured it'll be a fun track to session on a hardtail.

The success of the project depends entirely on funding and this is only allocated where there's a need. To help the funding bid succeed, you, the riders, need to show your support. A short email will do. Please read all the details below and drop a line to Jon Dallow saying who you are and why you support the project to the address at the bottom of the article.

Deadline for support letters/mails : Monday 11th Jan.

An outline bid was successfully submitted to Sports England's Community Investment Fund to help create an all weather armoured 2km flowing single-track Mountain Bike loop for Parkwood Springs accompanied by a program of MTB events and activities over three years.

European money has now been secured to match the potential Sport England funds. We are now at the last stage and need to submit the finalised bid to Sport England in early January 2010. To succeed at this final stage we need as much evidence of support for this project as possible.

We now need letters of support for the project 'makingtracks @ Parkwood'.

Steve Peat will be involved in the final lay out and checking the riding quality of the final build.... so we it should be good. For an ideal of what the trail will look like, the provisional plans are here:

The trail is designed to be accessible and promote skills development from a novice who can roll down it, to the expert rider who can flow and pump through its turns and features. Opt ins and multiple lines being the name of the game.

Making tracks @ Parkwood :Project Overview:
-Plan to build the trail winter 2010/11, for completion and launch spring 2011.
-Annual program of activities to utilise the proposed trail for the next 3 years.

Most recently we have been talking to the ski village of the possibility of using their lifts a couple of time a year as a trial to get bikes up the hill,

We already have a Sheffield schools comp planned for 21st July 2010 up there (cheers Craig M and Steve M), as well as the ongoing 'woodland MTBsummer sessions program' which is planned to run once more building on the success of the academy last summer.

- We are keen to fill in a wider program of events/ races etc up there through the years from spring 2011 onwards. So look at you schedules and come forward with what you would like to do now! We hope to get a regular weekend club up and running for children / families and youths as well as specific comps, night rides and a no-sludge winters a drag events going too.!

-A key theme to the 'making tracks@ Parkwood' project is working with local community groups, families , women, children, schools, youth groups and young people from across the city and most importantly from the local area getting everyone positively involved in the site.

We being able to provide bikes, equipment and instruction so they can have a go! Be its as part of a PE lesson, have a go session, or a local club.

-The trail will be open access and free to use. There will be a strong emphasis on positive activity for all riders at whatever level. To encourage and develop MTB skills, flow and style. To promote and foster sustainable trail use, good rider etiquette and respect, and develop a wider understanding of the natural environment and the context the trail is set in.

To date we have been working closely with so many people so thank you to you all whether we met you at the weekender, MTB summer sessions, cliff-hanger, or around the table helping to put the project together.

To succeed in the long-term a 'parkwood mtb group' need to form. I will be looking to meet at the ski village in February to start to taking this forward.

The vision being that this group can help the council manage this facility and help and shape its growth in the future. be it building, maintaining and developing the trails network as well as helping us shape the project.

-we will be looking for sponsorship for parts of the trail / events / web based material / trail signage, as well as annual schools, youth, and city events.

So what do I want for Christmas?
A letter of support from yourselves, the groups you work with and any one else you know who would support the project 'makingtracks@ Parkwood'.

You need to state who you are, or you represent. Please state your support for the project as well as if possible try and describe how 'you' feel the project would benefit you.

Be it your community, your club, your group, the friends you ride, with or the mates who don't ride who maybe could, your children , grandchildren , parents, uncles , race team , pupils who ever.

We need your support whether you are a keen MTB rider, xc racer, free rider ,school teacher, youth group leader, teenager, child , parent , whoever or even if downhill world champion we need your support ! so please write or email in Be it a line , paragraph or small essay.

By: Monday 11th January 2010

These letters of support will be sent on to Sport England in the new year!
letters to:

Jon Dallow
Woodland Project Officer
Parks & Countryside
Meersbrook Park
Brook Road
S8 9FL

or email:


In support of the 'Making tracks @ Parkwood' Project

We should hear the final decision by APRIL 2010 on Sport England funding.

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