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Ride Sheffield Social

Ride Sheffield Social

Beer, jumble sale and quiz with prizes from the Edinburgh Bicycle Collective. Sounds like a good way to spend the evening catching up on all the local trail news from the area as Ride Sheffield pull together updates on Eastern Moors, Parkwood Springs, Greno Woods, Lady Cannings and Fox Hagg.
1st of November at 7.30pm in the Lescar we are going to be having a meeting/social/bike quiz

Representatives from Eastern Moors Partnership and Parks and Countryside will be coming to explain their plans to develop the Eastern Moors and the trails development around Parkwood Springs. There will also be a chance to discuss plans for Greno Woods and Lady Canning Plantation, Fox Hagg and anything else you want to chat about.

But to soften you up, we will also be having a bike related quiz - with lots of cool prizes to be won, donated from local bike shops.

If that wasn’t enough; if you have any bike bits you want to get rid of, but never got them on ebay, bring them along with you. We’ll be having a little bike jumble sale at the start

7.30pm – Arrive + Bike Jumble
8.00pm – Meeting

· Eastern Moors Partnership
· Parkwood Springs Development (Parks and Woodland)
· Greno Woods – Developing and funding
· Fox Hagg- Where we are at
· Lady Canning – Potential Development

9.00pm Quiz

If you have anything you want raising, please let us know via the Ride Sheffield Facebook page.

See you there!

Ride Sheffield

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